Tour & short class of mosaic in Ravenna

Starting from € 95


from Monday to Saturday at 3.00 pm


Koko Mosaico - Via di Roma 136, Ravenna



In the heart of Ravenna, a World Heritage Site, Koko Mosaico carries on the language of the mosaic, constantly renewing it, without losing sight of its roots.

The workshop is like an ancient art shop, where you can buy and order mosaics and learn the techniques of realization.

At the same time you can admire the contemporary works of the artist Luca Barberini.

The course we propose is just a small taste of the grandeur of this ancient art.

You can realize a copy of an ancient mosaic of the Roman or Byzantine period, directly created on cement mortar.

After a brief introduction to the mosaic and the cutting of the tiles with the ancient tools of the trade - small hammer and carbide hardie -  you will actively participate to every phase of realization of your artwork: from the drafting of the cement mortar, to the completion of the mosaic.

You can use precious materials that were already used in the ancient times as marble, Venetian enamels and golden tiles, depending on the copy you chose to recreate.

The objective will be to realize a mosaic of about 10x10 cm.

- brief introduction to the mosaic

- choice of subject 

- cutting test of the material with the ancient tools of the trade: small hammer and carbide hardie

- drafting of the cement mortar and printing of the grid

- execution and completion of the mosaic

- materials as marble and glass paste

- all the instruments useful to the creation of the mosaic: small hammer, carbide hardie, tweezer and bolt cutters

- aprons

- personal protective equipment for the eyes

- the laboratory will be confirmed after verification of availability by the mosaic artist

if you require an invoice, you will have to request it BEFORE paying, writing an email at:

English & Italian

Koko Mosaico
Via di Roma 136, 48121 Ravenna
please arrive 10 minutes before starting time

Indications: the atelier, located in the historical centre, is near the Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo, about 5 minutes walk from both the train station and the Tourist Information Office in Piazza San Francesco.