Create your mosaic jewel - Tour & Workshop

Starting from € EUR 62


every day at 10 a.m. or 2.30 p.m.


Barbara Liverani Studio, Via Girolamo Rossi 21/A, 48121 Ravenna


2.5 h

In the heart of Ravenna, the capital of mosaic which boasts the beauty of 8 UNESCO monuments, Patrimony of the Humanity, you can create a precious mosaic jewel in a real artisan workshop, where the materials employed are used in little manufactures of Venice and Florence.

Barbara, an expert mosaicist, will receive you with warmth in her laboratory and after a good coffee, she will tell you about the techniques of the byzantine mosaics and contemporary ones and of the high-quality materials employed.

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- introductive tour about the history of mosaic and the materials employed
- presentation of Barbara’s jewels in order to understand how you can create one
- designing  and realisation of the mosaic’s stones cutted by Barbara
- if you are making a pair of earrings, Barbara will help you finish them

- materials
- all the instruments employed

English & Italian

Barbara Liverani Studio
Via Girolamo Rossi 21/A, Ravenna
please arrive 5 minutes before the starting time

Indications: the atelier, located in the historical centre, about 10 minutes walk from both the train station and the Tourist Information Office in Piazza San Francesco

Online booking and purchase are strongly recommended
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