EMD - European Maritime Day 2022

Excursion aboard the Stella Polare motorboat


Saturday 21st at 5.00 pm


Via Antico Squero, closed to the Monumental Anchor


3 h

Starting from the Darsena we will sail along the Candiano, a navigable canal that hosts part of the industrial port and connects the art city with the sea, until you reach the dykes of Marina di Ravenna, where will be served an aperitif with prosecco, bruschetta with marinated anchovies and mixed fried.

The 2-hour excursion will take you to discover the stories that relate to the deep and ancient bond between man, see and this territory.

- boat tour
- guide
- aperitif

- for this experience is required a minimum number of participants

italian & english

Via Antico Squero, closed to the Monumental Anchor

the city Darsena is located exactly on the other side of the railway station from the city centre