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Rum tasting with chocolate pairing

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every day
from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm


Mercato Coperto Ravenna


1 h

An unusual taste itinerary starring two products that combine perfectly for an intense organoleptic experience: the Rhum Jamaica Selezione Leonardo Spadoni rums and pralines signed cioccolateria Gardini. The perfect method to enjoy rum with chocolate is to start with a sip of rum to prepare the mouth, then taste the chocolate and continue with the tasting of the distillate.


The experience includes a GUIDED TOUR OF THE COVERED MARKET by the staff, discovering the history, architecture, the decor and food and wine thinking of the place.

- Rhum Jamaica Selezione Leonardo Spadoni is a classic rum with exotic aromas that at the first sip takes your mind back to Jamaica. Vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa and spices are some of the notes released from this liqueur distilled from sugar cane and still produced with an artisanal alembic according to a recipe dating back to 1898

- Rhum Jamaica Leonardo Spadoni High-Proof Rhum Jamaica, pure and distilled in the old-fashioned way with an artisanal still, it releases exotic and exuberant aromas, with primary hints of vanilla and cinnamon, citrus, cocoa and complex spices. Alcohol content 58 g°

Matching Gardini pralines:
- araguani dark chocolate mousse with passion fruit heart
- chocolate-covered candied orange peel

- guided tour of the Mercato Coperto
- rum tasting with chocolate pairing

- guided tour of the Mercato Coperto
- rum tasting with chocolate pairing

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Ravenna Covered Market Andrea Costa, 48121 Ravenna

Indications: the Mercato Coperto, located in the historical centre, is about 10 minutes walk from both the train station and the Tourist Information Office in Piazza San Francesco

Online booking and purchase are strongly recommended
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