Friday 20th & Saturday 21st of May
at 4.30 pm The history of the Darsena area (English Tour)
at 5.00 pm Street Art Darsena (English Tour)

Sunday 22nd of May
at 09.15 am The history of the Darsena area (Enghlish Tour)
at 09.45 am Street Art Darsena (English Tour)


Via Antico Squero, closed to the Monumental Anchor


1.5 h

A series of guided tours along the streets of the Darsena of Ravenna, to discover stories, suggestive corners, peculiarities and people of a fascinating and in some ways unexplored neighborhood.

The tours take place live, outdoors and in small groups, always respecting the health regulations.

The history of the district and the Darsena
A guided tour through the history and archeology of the Darsena, the dock area of the city, to get to know the link between Ravenna and its conquest of the sea. Including the more recent past of the Candiano canal.

Street Art Darsena by bicycle 
Long gone are the days when street artists were considered vandals who defaced walls. Today it is a universally appreciated and recognized art form. This tour by bicycle will give voice to the many murals of the Darsena and an identity to the artists who contribute to animate them, with their incursions.

- expert local guide
- whisper radio guides with jack connection for headphones

- the guided tour will take place entirely outdoors
- the groups will consist of a small group
- for this experience is required a minimum number of participants

English & Italian

Via Antico Squero, closed to the Monumental Anchor

the city Darsena is located exactly on the other side of the railway station from the city centre