EMD - European Maritime Day 2022

Aperitif on board of the Stella Polare motorboat


Saturday 21st at 5.00 pm


Via Antico Squero, closed to the Monumental Anchor


3 h

Short navigation tour inside the Dock in the Candiano Canal, where you will discover, by a licensed guide, the story of this part of the city and of its relationship with the sea and its recent redevelopment.


At the return in port, continuation of the evening in the heading of the Candiano with djset and aperitif on board based on bruschetta with marinated alice, mixed fried and a glass of wine.

- boat tour
- guide
- aperitif

- for this experience is required a minimum number of participants

italian & english

Via Antico Squero, closed to the Monumental Anchor

the city Darsena is located exactly on the other side of the railway station from the city centre

Online booking and purchase are strongly recommended
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